When Happy Boy vacated its enormously popular Spring Hill venue and relocated to Fortitude Valley it was the biggest opening of the year. A couple of months have passed, and the Chinese eatery remains busy every lunch and dinner service.

But come this weekend, co-owners Cameron and Jordan Votan are ready to start serving brunch. “For me, brunch is a simple meal with big flavours,” Cameron says. “We’re sticking to the very classic Australian-style brunch, but with Chinese technique.”

For example, eggs are wok-fried, giving them a completely different texture. Served on rice or sourdough, they can be boosted by adding extras such as bacon, avocado and haloumi. Instead of a breakfast burger, there’s a breakfast bao filled with egg, bacon, avocado, pickled carrot, Kewpie mayonnaise, Chinese barbeque sauce and pork floss.

Cameron says he wants to make sure the brunch dishes are not only delicious, but affordable. “One thing I don’t love is going out to brunch and spending $30 to $40,” he says. “We’re really looking for people to be able to get breakfast and a coffee and get out of [Happy Boy] for less than $20.”

The full menu will run on weekends, with a shortened selection (along with pastries) offered Tuesday to Friday. Coffee comes from Melbourne’s Coffee Supreme.

Happy Boy will begin serving brunch this weekend from 7am to 11.30am.