It’s hard to believe Brisbane’s quirky-but-all-inclusive beer festival, Brewsvegas, is turning five this year.

Unlike many other beer festivals, this not-for-profit celebration of the frothy is created and run by the city’s passionate beer community. That indie spirit infects the whole nine-day event, and the partnerships with non-beer creatives throw up some wonderful collaborations.

Whether you’re a beer lover or you just enjoy Brisbane’s free-spirited approach to fun, there is something for everyone at this celebration of beer and creativity.

Brewsvegas Launch Party
The biggest beer event outside of Brewsvegas is the Beer InCider Experience. So who better to host the opening extravaganza? This mini Beer InCider event will feature 15 taps of local beers and ciders and a line-up of some of the best local music. The ticket price includes a burger of your choice (vegan and gluten-free options available, of course), fries and a tasting paddle of unique Brewsvegas beers on entry.

Where: The Joinery, West End
Cost: $25
When: Friday March 9, 5.30pm

Pint of Origin
Australia’s go-to site for all things craft beer, The Crafty Pint, each year puts together the Pint of Origin, a celebration of beer origins. Eight venues across Brisbane will each host a state, or in two cases a country, and showcase the best and brightest from that region. Who needs to travel when the best beers come to us?

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Where: Multiple venues
Cost: Free
When: All festival

Ferment V – Into the Wildflower
“Yeasts and Bacteria are EVERYWHERE. There are millions of them flying around you right now”, screams the promotional blurb for Ferment V – Into the Wildflower. What might sound like a germophobe’s nightmare is actually a celebration of the wee beasties that give us beer, cheese, wine and cider: yeast. Learn all about living food with special guest Topher Boehm from Wildflower Brewing, one of the most interesting fermenteries on the Australian beer landscape.

Where: Craft Red Hill
Cost: $35
When: Saturday March 17 at 2pm

Malted Mozart Effect
If you think Barnesy is the only music that goes with beer, Saccharomyces Beer Cafe wants to open your ears a little. This great Fish Lane beer bar has paired with Rue Arts to brew a beer to the strains of classical music and test whether music soothes the savage yeast. The beer will be launched at SBC with a live classical performance from Rue Arts.

Where: Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, Fish Lane
Cost: $30
When: Monday March 12 at 6.30pm

Dog Day Afternoon
We reckon every pub should be kind to your best bud, but until they are, beer-and-beagles events such as this are a winner. Archer Brewing and The International Hotel are closing off their car park so that you can enjoy an ale with your Alsatian. In addition to Archer Brewing beer, they will have a 100 per cent dog-friendly beer, Woof Ale, just for your four-legged friends. There will be local pup stalls and a hydrobath van to help your pooch look his or her best.

Where: Archer Brewing (The International Hotel, Spring Hill)
Cost: Free
When: Saturday March 10