Gelato Messina’s Creative Department is bringing its seven-course degustation back to Brisbane.

The food is a combination of recent Sydney and Melbourne Messina degustation menus. Each dish involves a gelato or frozen element, but Messina refuses to use the term “dessert degustation” – preferring to call it a “dining experience”. As for what’s on the menu? All Messina will say is that it’s a “perfect balance of sweet, savoury and umami”.

The experience is designed to be experimental – and at times confronting – and comes paired with complementary “liquid concoctions” (whatever they are).

The menu runs across numerous sessions at Messina’s South Brisbane store from February 7 to 22. The degustation menu was a huge success when it last came to town in September – so much so it sold out. Don’t miss out this time.

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