Eatclub, Marco Pierre White’s discount restaurant booking app, launches in Brisbane this week. To celebrate, Fritzenberger is giving away 300 free burgers.

The promotion runs from 3pm to 9pm this Friday. The one catch? You need to download the Eatclub app, of course. The 300 burgs will be uploaded to the restaurant’s profile on Eatclub on Friday. Once you have the app, you can reserve a burger and head down to the Petrie Terrace restaurant before 9pm to receive your free meat, cheese and bread.

Eatclub was developed by Pierre White with Pan Koutlakis, Matt Cantelo and Ben Tyler, and launched in Melbourne last October. It connects customers with nearby restaurants with spare tables on any given day or night – meaning restaurants can stay busier during quieter periods of the week. In return, the customers get last-minute discount deals to eat there.

“How many times do I walk into restaurants in Australia, or Britain, and they’re half empty on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night? And how many of these restaurateurs do a really good job?” Pierre White told Broadsheet in March. “So, we’re putting a spotlight on these restaurants.”

Beyond Fritzenberger, Eatclub’s Brisbane roster so far includes E’cco Bistro, Salt Meats Cheese, Harajuku Gyoza, Ze Pickle, Pourboy, Super Combo, Banoi, Lucky Egg, Pineapple Express and the Defiant Duck.