Hellcat Maggie is one of the most iconic criminals in US history – a woman so fearsome she reportedly filed her teeth into points to gain an edge during New York’s infamous gang wars of the mid-19th century. She also happens to be the namesake and inspiration for the latest offering from the RMS team, previously responsible for Rush CBD and the Botanical function space at Mount Coot-tha.

“Hellcat Maggie as a character has all the different elements that we’ve tried to bring into the design and offering,” says RMS Group co-owner Donna Di Fanto. “She’s rough. She’s got a lot of attitude. She’s got a lot of spunk.”

While embracing the rougher side of life in the overall approach and fit-out, Di Fanto says the team at Hellcat is still serving up friendly “old-school” hospitality to the mix of office workers and students that typically mills about its location on the corners of Wharf Street and Rich Lane.

ID Solutions is behind the fit-out with input from RMS co-owner and Hellcat Maggie manager, Tony Ibrahim. It features plenty of brick, a polished concrete bar and timber panelling. Wooden booths with tan leather seating line the far wall, all named after prominent gang members. A concrete mezzanine level dubbed “The Loft” acts as a function space with lounge seating, a portable bar and a split sound system.

The Hellcat kitchen will prepare a considerable menu spanning breakfast, lunch and dinner. “[It’s] really about your home-cooked favourites with a modern twist,” Di Fanto says.

To start the day, expect simple pleasures such as three cheese omelettes, breakfast tacos and two different styles of eggs Benedict.

Lunch and dinner include a typical range of meat and veg burgers, chicken parmigiana, steak, ribs and spaghetti bolognese. But there’s a bunch of interesting twists: instead of sweet potato fries, Hellcat is offering spiced pumpkin chips and chat potatoes; tacos come as part of a big share board loaded with sour cream, guac and corn on the cob; and barramundi (served both as burger and as fish and chips) is battered in a Hellcat lager.

The bar has four taps with a range of canned craft beers and standard imports, a neat wine list, and a cocktail menu showcasing six contemporary offerings including a modern take on a Bloody Mary called Maggie’s Blood.

Hellcat Maggie
Rich Lane, Brisbane City
No phone

Sun to Wed 7.30am–9pm
Thur to Sat 7.30am–12am