Look at them. Just look at those crunchy, golden straws. They look like McDonalds fries, except instead of the overly familiar fried potato you’ve tasted too many times, you’re looking at sugary slivers of a doughnut.

Doughnut fries: why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

The Doughnut Bar just introduced the item at the Eat Street Markets in Hamilton. We’d expect nothing less from the crew that brought us the Golden Gaytime Cronut last year (which are also available at Eat Street).

The good news: the next editions of the Eat Street are Friday and Saturday night, and entry is only $2.50 for adults. In addition to the doughnut straws, there’s live music, five bars and plenty of other food.

If the line at The Doughnut Bar is too long, you can always head over and get some churros instead. But while they’re also long, thin doughnuts covered in sugar, the novelty factor just ain’t the same. Best arrive early.

Eat Street Markets
Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton

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Next dates
Friday February 10, 4pm–10pm
Saturday February 11, 4pm–10pm