It all came from a trip to Italy. Before departing for the Mediterranean in 2005, Deborah and Bien Peralta made a pact to commit to whatever big ideas the country handed them. The result was Dello Mano.

“We were watching the Italians,” Deborah says. “Even if you buy three slices of prosciutto, they wrap it with a bow. It’s the gift of purchasing beautiful food. That’s what we were excited to do.”

Dello Mano is the Brisbane home of the luxury brownie – a brownie so good Ashton Kutcher once had a batch of them flown to Paris for his birthday. And you can see the Peraltas’ dream realised in a new CBD store in Tattersall’s Arcade, which follows in the footsteps of their popular Newstead original.

Full cakes sit freshly frosted in the window. Inside, a glass cabinet is home to individually wrapped brownies. Deborah’s background as a food scientist breathes life into creations such as honey and macadamia, espresso and walnut, chilli chocolate and – her favourite – rosewater and pistachio. All the brownies are made using traditional techniques, meaning every sliver of chocolate in the store is produced by hand.

The space itself is warm, a dark nook in one of Brisbane’s oldest arcades. An impressive cascade of exposed light bulbs is the dominant feature. A few seats linger in the arcade proper for customers preferring a dine-in option paired with coffee. Otherwise, take-home boxes come in various sizes depending on how generous (or selfish) you’re feeling.

After being a part of Jan Power’s markets in the city, the Tattersall’s Arcade store was opened to properly service the CBD community. The new store also means the launch of around six new flavours, including a vegan chocolate option and a caramel and coconut spread.

It’s now been 10 years for Dello Mano but Deborah insists: “The dream is still the same. To make really beautiful products from real ingredients.”

Dello Mano
Tattersall’s Arcade, 215 Queen St
(07) 3210 1168

Mon to Fri 7.30am–5pm
Sat & Sun 8.30am–5pm