If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s the takeaway for Allora owners Adam Naddei and Laura Williamson (ex-Miss Jones), who were rejected for their dream location in Newmarket Village more than four times before finally opening their doors last month.

“For the last two years, this place has been untenanted. Multiple businesses with gelato or ice-cream products tried to get in here and they were all rejected, and I was just relentless,” says Naddei.

“I just called everyone 15 times and emailed them 100 times, until eventually, I got an email back saying: ‘Adam, we’re now considering gelato or ice cream solutions for the space’. It’s a perfect environment for us, I was just unwilling to let anyone stop us.”

Naddei has been making gelato for six years, always working behind the scenes and creating for other boutique gelaterias and ice-creameries. At Allora, he’s stepping out from behind the curtains to have more freedom with his craft.

“Allora is now the first step in the direction of releasing the shackles,” he says. “I don’t want to have to make to a recipe anymore. This is an opportunity to have a showroom, to put the best possible products in the cabinet and to make things that we love.”

Local design firm Autumn Studios has taken a sleek, minimalist approach to the space, with large grey tile flooring, a deep black feature wall, dark wooden benchtops and a custom-made penny-tiled black bar.

Contrasting the monochrome tones are rows of vibrantly coloured gelato, sorbet and soft serve: flavours include pina colada; lime and mint; rockmelon; peanut butter and chocolate; pistachio; and what’s already become a crowd favourite, the super-fresh peach and basil sorbet.

“It’s the flavour that ties the whole brand in,” says Naddei. “This is the brand right here – creative, slightly different and quirky. The reception from everyone that’s tried it has been amazing.”

Also popular is the baked banana, made with a butter puree and a maple-walnut crumb. “It’s stunning and it’s blowing people away,” says Naddei.. “People are super excited about it and that just spurs us on to keep going weirder, wilder and more creative.”

All the gelato at Allora is made in Naddei’s Banyo factory, located 20 minutes away from the shop, with fresh and local produce. “No gelato you have in here is made any longer than 24 hours ago,” says Naddei.

You’ll also find shakes, cookie sandwiches and specialty coffee from Five Senses, including batch filter and cold brew.

400 Newmarket Road, Newmarket
Mon to Sun 8.30am–9pm