Morning After is such a celebrated West End cafe, you’d think mother-and-son duo Soula and Yianni Passaris would try to repeat the formula when expanding across the river to Newstead. Instead, they’ve gone for something completely different.

“I wanted to do the opposite of Morning After,” Yianni Passaris says of his new cafe Yolk, which will open in the Gasworks precinct in late August.

Yolk is simple – six menu items revolving around eggs and chicken, plus sides such as fries and hash browns, served all day long. “There are so many places in Japan that only serve two or three things, and they’re so busy,” he says. “You don't confuse the customer. There are a few things on the menu, done well.”

The idea is to elevate the grab-and-go routine. “It’s going to be gourmet, but it’s going to be quick,” Passaris says. The cornerstone of the menu is the humble bacon-and-egg burger, which Passaris reckons is the ultimate takeaway breakfast. “The bacon and egg roll has been a secret menu item [at Morning After],” he says. “People ordered it [based on] word-of-mouth or some Instagram posts ... we’ve sort of perfected it.”

Coffee will be by Five Senses, with a house blend and rotating single origins, plus filter options too.

Similar to Morning After, the design of the space is being treated with as much care as the menu items. The Passarises are once again working with Derlot’s Alexander Lotersztain to create a 30-seat venue that embraces a minimal barn house feel. The colour palette will be relatively straightforward with lots of white, greys and beiges, but Lotersztain is creating interest with different textures and custom-built furniture.

Yolk will open in late August in Newstead.