A fancy fish-and-chip shop might not seem a natural fit for Coorparoo, but stand on Perch’d’s neat little verandah and it’s not a stretch to imagine it a beachside shack rather than a Queenslander overlooking Cavendish Road.

“This is on our way to work,” says Patrick Laws, who along with partner Jen Byrnes is aiming to open Perch’d in late January. “We used to see this verandah when it was a cafe [Coffee 252] and I always thought it would be a cool drinking spot. Then it came up for lease one day.”

The duo had a vision for the space immediately. The idea of perfecting the relaxed takeaway shop has always appealed to the owners of Martha Street Kitchen for a second venue. The deck sits off to the side of the shopfront with a separate staircase, allowing Perch’d to do double duty as both a local diner and a takeaway joint.

“You can have people out here [on the deck], smart-casual, while you have someone sneaking in the front door with their slippers to grab takeaway,” Byrnes says.

As far as atmosphere goes, think fish and chips minus the soda fridge. Laws and Byrnes are aiming for a sustainable, quality-driven approach, working directly with local fishermen where they can. The menu will typically feature four varieties of fish, seasonal salads, some side options (get ready for a house-made take on the Chiko Roll), burgers and house-made sauces. A short drinks selection will revolve around red, white and sparkling wine, and Green Beacon beer on tap.

“It’s going to be approachable and price-friendly,” Byrnes says. “We’re not trying to re-invent the wheel. It’s just your classic fish-and-chip shop but done to the quality that we want ourselves.”

Perch’d is scheduled to open in late January.