James Street’s Ada Lane dining precinct has announced its first restaurant, with Beaux Rumble set to open in November. Owned by Dark Horse Hospitality (Pony Dining), the venue’s kitchen will be headed up by Michelin-star veteran Alan Wise.

Fresh from a stint in New York, Wise says Beaux Rumble will be all about high quality woodfired cuisine with plenty of acidity and clean flavours to match Queensland’s climate. Just don’t expect too much red meat.

“Once you see you have a big woodfire grill your brain just goes, ‘Throw some meat on it!” Wise says, laughing. “We thought, ‘What else can we do? Let’s focus a bit more on plants and fish’.”

Wise is interested in using smoke and fire to develop flavours that highlight Australian produce, with a particular focus on marinating vegetables and treating them like meat. “We will have different wood for smoking – cherry wood and apple wood to produce distinct flavours,” he says.

The Wangaratta-born Wise has had an interesting career in hospitality. He left a banking job in London 20 years ago to wash lettuce at a flatmate’s restaurant, and has since done spells in the King Valley, Dublin, Vancouver and New York, where he headed up the kitchen at Rouge Tomate Chelsea when it earned a Michelin star in 2017. Most recently Wise did an eight-month charity cooking tour across Africa, and is now writing about that experience in a new cookbook.

Beaux Rumble’s name in part pays tribute to the iconic Beaux-Arts architecture in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The venue’s design will draw inspiration from the 1913-built rail station and feature ornate metal grills in the kitchen, marble, dome ceilings and handmade subway tiles.

The “Rumble” references Gilson and Rumble, a famed Queensland pottery company that operated in the James Street area from 1895 until 1921. Many of its ceramic pieces are now in Australian and international galleries.

Built across 400 square metres and two storeys, the restaurant will have different spaces designed to be discovered. An outdoor terrace on Ada Lane will be used for breakfast, cocktails and casual dining “We [also] have an outdoor balcony on the second floor,” Wise says. “We plan to start Sunday brunch, with lots of champagne, a bit of louder music, a party atmosphere, make it like a celebration every Sunday.”

Beaux Rumble will open in Ada Lane in November.