For close to a decade, Red Hook has been serving New York-style street food in the CBD, staying open in the face of fierce competition, the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. Clearly, the formula works, so it makes sense that owners Bonnie Shearston and Tom Sanceau want to replicate its success.

In August, the duo (who also co-own Ruby, My Dear) will open Dumbo at Portside Wharf in Hamilton. It’s the first of several venues the pair plan to launch that channel Red Hook’s Brooklyn-inspired approach.

“We’ve been wanting to open more Red Hooks over the years, but the opportunity hasn’t been right,” Sanceau tells Broadsheet. “When this opportunity came along, it kind of replicated what we’re doing in the city but with a gorgeous river view.”

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Dumbo will open at the newly refurbished Portside Wharf precinct. But don’t expect an exact copy of Red Hook. “We’re viewing it as a sister restaurant to Red Hook,” Shearston says. “It will have the same core menu, but the fit-outs aren’t remotely similar.”

The pair are aiming for a sophisticated and grown-up feel for the space, with around 50 seats inside and another 45 al fresco. Lamberts is leading the fit-out, incorporating terracotta tiling and concrete. There will also be a focus on music, with plenty of ’90s American hip-hop on deck.

Expect favourites from the Red Hook menu, like the Brooklyn cheeseburger, alongside tacos, hotdogs and wings. Meanwhile, a breakfast service will focus on bagels and coffee from Bellissimo. There will also be an extensive wine selection, cocktails and craft beers.

“It’s going to be more elevated than your traditional fast food shop and it will be reflected with the products,” Sanceau says. “You’ll be able to get a proper, serious cocktail if you want one.”

Shearston and Sanceau plan to name each venue after a different Brooklyn neighbourhood. Dumbo, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is one of Brooklyn’s most famous.

Dumbo will open at Portside Wharf in mid-August.