City Winery keeps breaking new ground. After opening in Fortitude Valley last year, Brisbane’s first modern urban winery is now offering an exclusive 2020 vintage membership. That means punters get the chance to partake in the winemaking process without making the two-and-a-half-hour schlep out to the Granite Belt. “We see City Winery as a wine lover’s playground,” says co-founder Adam Penberthy. “It’s a place where you can come for a glass of wine and walk out accidentally having learned heaps. Vintage membership takes people who have an interest in wine to that next level by being part of the winemaking process in a festival-like atmosphere.”

The four-hour sessions will be held on four Sundays across a 12-month period, starting in March.

“The vintage members go through the entire winemaking process of shiraz grapes sourced from Heathcote [in Victoria], following the journey from bunches of fruit to finished wine,” Penberthy says.

“They’ll be stomping on grapes, plunging ferments, pressing off the fruit, blending, then finishing with bottling, labelling and of course drinking their own wine.”

Members will work under the guidance of winemakers Dave and Kris Cush of Gerler Wines – City Winery’s in-house wine label. “The group will be blending up their own wine; everyone will taste one another’s,” says Penberthy. The wine will be matured in a mix of French and American oak before the members make the final blend, which City Winery “will make available for all other customers to try”. In addition, “each member gets a sixpack of the wines they’ve helped make to take home and share with their friends”.

The cost of membership is $550, which covers four hands-on days in the winery, including working lunches, grazing snacks and the sixpack. Payment is accepted up-front or in instalments.

Vintage Membership registrations close on February 29, with the first session to be held in March. More information here.