Nick and Kristina Maschke want you to feel a sense of community at Camp, their new cafe located at the base of the recently completed Hudson Apartments in Albion.

Take the coffee. Camp’s lead roaster is Sumner Park’s Parallel Roasters, the filter coffee comes from East Brisbane’s Light Coffee, and a host of other local, boutique roasters will be regularly rotated through the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric espresso machine.

“Camp is a great representation of what we are trying to achieve,” Nick says. “A space that represents community and growth.”

The Maschkes are certainly no strangers to the coffee industry. Between them over the past 10 years they have worked at some of Brisbane’s best coffee spots – John Mills Himself, Sourced Grocer, Strauss and One Drop Specialty Coffee, just to name a few. Camp is about taking what they’ve learned and applying it to their own business.

“If you were to pay really close attention to some of those places and then come in here, you would see those influences,” Nick says. “Everyone we’ve worked for has played a massive part in what we’ve done.”

Joining forces with Will Ryan from Studio Lagom, the Maschkes have created a minimalistic space with lots of natural timber, dark blue and greenery. The simple design has allowed the couple to showcase some striking pieces from local furniture-making business Mysttree, including a large three-and-a-half-metre communal wood table.

The food is simple and hearty. The dishes are based around quality local produce – so thick-cut bacon burgers with fried egg, cheddar, house tomato relish and pickles; or dark rye fresh sandwiches with roasted peppers, corned beef, beer mustard mayo, gruyere and spinach. Pastries come courtesy of Crust & Co (yet another local business).

“Albion’s on the rise and this cafe is here to grow with it,” Nick says. “We’re really happy about where [Camp] is at now, but we’re just as excited about what we can do in the future.”

50 Hudson Road, Albion
No Phone

Mon to Fri 6.30am–3.30pm
Sat 7am–2pm