Samantha Fitzpatrick’s cake shop, turn late-night dessert bar, wholeheartedly represents who she is.

“I was like fuck it, if I’m going to do a cake store it’s going to have full swearing, horrible puns, rap music and beer,” Fitzpatrick says. “It’s me, in a shop.”

Fitzpatrick began to bake when her partner Sam Holman opened Spring Hill cafe, Two Black Birds. “When we first opened, grandma was doing the baking but she couldn’t keep up with demand,” Fitzpatrick says. “So I started helping and [found it was] pretty fun and I was actually good at it.”

When Holman’s second cafe, The New Black, opened last week, an adjoining space next door provided the perfect opportunity for a small cake shop. Fitzpatrick gutted the dark space, applied a lick of white paint, hoisted a large fluorescent cupcake sign and installed a four-shelf cake cabinet. The cabinet features house-baked goods such as apple cheesecakes, tea cakes, double-choc brownies and carrot muffins filled with lemon cream cheese icing.

Cakes & Shit also offers a personalised cupcake service, where customers can choose a message to put on their cupcakes. Fitzpatrick says no message is off limits.

“If you want to send a cupcake to your friend that says, ‘Cheer up you fat bastard’, you can,” she says.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the cake shop transforms into a funky late-night dessert bar. “It’s the sort of place you can come after dinner for a brownie, a beer, listen to some Childish Gambino and hang out,” Fitzpatrick says.

Cakes & Shit
694 Ann Street, Bakery Lane, Fortitude Valley
0468 406 838

Mon to Thu 9am-6pm
Fri to Sat 9am-midnight