By now, a new President has been sworn in and protestors have marched, shelving those salacious stories concerning Donald Trump and whatever went down in a Moscow hotel room.

Or not, if Brisbane Brewing Co has anything to do with it. In two weeks, the West End brewpub will launch You’re In! Golden Sour, its liquid ode to the new leader of the free world, Russian sex workers and dubious intelligence reports.

“Sim [Bonetti] and I were in the midst of concocting this sour ale,” says brewer Brendan Chan. “The alleged story of Donald Trump engaging in pee-related activities with sex workers came to light. And then I said, ‘A Golden Sour!’ and that was it. Because it’s a sour ale and it’s pretty golden in colour.”

The beer was announced on Friday in a pun-worthy Facebook post that featured artwork from The Scratch’s Georgie Levi. “It will be available in both West End and Woolloongabba [at sister venue, Brewhouse Woolloongabba],” Chan says. “I expect it to take off so we may brew it again.”

Once the brewing process is further along, Chan and Bonetti will lock in a date for the beer launch, but all going well you can expect it to be on tap the weekend after next.

In the meantime, Chan says there’s plenty of anticipation for the beer. “It started off as a trickle but we’re being showered with requests now,” he says.

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