Goodbye Billykart Provisions. Hello Billykart Bar. Gone is Billykart West End’s side operation of a deli and bottleshop, replaced instead by a casual burger joint.

“It’s been a funny space since we opened Provisions,” says manager Ben Roberts. “We weren’t really getting enough foot traffic to warrant the retail space.”

The decision to change the outlet gave the team an opportunity to do something a little different. “Billykart West End is a bit too restaurant focussed sometimes; we needed some bar space for a more casual feel.”

The Billykart team found the answer in the cafe menu’s enormously popular cheeseburger. “Burgers are something easy for us, and we can do them really well,” Roberts says.

Despite sharing the Billykart West End kitchen, the bar sits off to the side with its own waitstaff, making it a very separate dining experience.

The simple menu features four classics, with sides of fries and wings. There’s the cheeseburger, with its fresh hand-made pattie coming from three different kinds of dry-aged meats; the pulled-pork slider, with crispy slow-cooked pork, slaw and Baha sour cream; a fried-chicken sandwich with Cajun remoulade cheese and cos lettuce; and a sizeable veggie burger with a crumbed mushroom pattie stuffed with mac’n’cheese.

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Estrella Damm and Young Henrys Newtowner are on tap, with a range of local and imported beers in the fridge as well as ciders, alcoholic ginger beer and cocktails from cans. Wines will always be price-friendly, says Roberts, who’ll be “sticking to the $9 or $10 mark with an absolute maximum of $15.”

The full menu will be available takeaway from lunch time, including the fridge full of beers and bottles of wine. “It was always a bit of an awkward conversation before when people would ask what we can do takeaway because we had to try and find something that worked,” Roberts says. “Now we can just give them the menu.”

Billykart Bar
4 Edmondstone Street, West End
(07) 3177 9477

Wed to Sat 4pm–9.30pm