Most of Brisbane’s specialty coffee operators have a tonne of blends and single origins available to buy a la carte, but a subscription is the more convenient way to go.

The set-up is simple: sign up, noting your preferences for roast, grind and how frequently you want it delivered, and the roastery does the rest. It’s zero fuss and one less thing to worry about (and can even score you a sweet discount on the regular online price), meaning you can get back to (pretending to) work from home.

Here are six of Broadsheet’s favourite specialty coffee roasters that offer subscriptions. Before you buy, see our guide to brewing coffee at home to learn how to get the best from your beans.

Parallel Roasters
Born out of the much-loved The Single Guys cafe in Kenmore, Ben Graham’s Parallel Roasters has established itself as one of Brisbane’s most well-regarded coffee outfits, boasting longstanding relationships with farmers and cooperatives in Ethiopia, Colombia and Kenya. Parallel offers either a bi-weekly or monthly subscription service, which rotate through some of its most popular blends and single origins. You just choose your roast type (filter or espresso), quantity and grind, and Graham and co take care of the rest – including the shipping, which is free.

Light Coffee
Light Coffee’s East Brisbane shopfront may be temporarily closed because of Covid-19, but its roastery and online store continue to sell merch, pour-over equipment and a huge variety of beans. Light is the go-to among local filter aficionados, so this is where to sign up if you prefer your coffee on the considered side. Light owner Eva Shao offers four different personal subscriptions, maxing out at a $66-per-month pack that nets you four 200-gram bags of filter beans selected from two different rotating single origins. Courier costs are included and, yes, there’s an espresso option, if you must. Gift subscriptions are also available.

Coffee Supreme
Coffee Supreme is hoping to reopen its Gibbon Street cafe in May, but in the meantime boasts a terrific array of online subscriptions. Each allows you to customise your beans according to brewing method, grind and even for specific days of the week. The options don’t end there – bags range up to a kilogram in size and you can have your precious cargo delivered anywhere between once a week, and once every five weeks. Beyond subscriptions, the online shop sells a huge variety of brew gear and has introduced two-kilogram bags of beans if isolation has you digging deep.

Wolff Coffee Roasters
Peter and Penny Wolff’s hugely popular Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar remains open for Hendra locals. The rest of us have to make do with their online store, which also sells equipment, merch. For subscriptions, you can keep it simple with the house Big Dog blend or opt for a rotation of single origins. The coffee, sourced direct from farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico and Papua New Guinea, comes in either 250-gram or 500-gram bags, with punters selecting their roast style, grind and delivery frequency (every week, two weeks or four weeks). There’s also an office subscription option for those still doing that old thing, with bag sizes ranging up to a whopping five kilograms.

Industry Beans
Melbourne import Industry Beans made an enormous splash when it opened a snazzy dining room in Newstead in September last year, but brothers Trevor and Steve Simmons’s online store is just as slick. For subscriptions, they offer a bunch of espresso blends alongside a pair of roaster’s-pick single origins, one designed for espresso and the other for filter. From there, you can order 250-gram, 500-gram or one-kilogram bags, select your grind and set your delivery interval for anywhere between once a week and once every ten months. Delivery is free.

Foster & Black
There’s a bunch of Foster & Black outlets throughout Brisbane but you can also enjoy Andrew Foster and Harrison Black’s beans at home via two different subscriptions that cover their well-regarded house blend and a seasonal filter option (roasting is outsourced to Semi-Pro in North Lakes). Each sub includes two 200-gram bags of coffee with free standard shipping throughout Australia. You can also score a discount if you pay for at least the first three months up-front. The shop also stocks grinders, brewing gear and accessories.

Honourable mentions:

Salt Coffee Roasters
This Newstead joint is doing just its house blend, Julie, as a subscription, but it’s very, very good.

The New Zealand superstar has temporarily closed its East Brisbane cafe but still has a slick range of coffee available for subscription.