After two years at their Boundary Street site, Ben and Nick Chiu have announced that they will close their West End outlet of Ben’s Burgers this Sunday.

“We’ve decided it’s time to close up West End so that we can focus our energy on all of our three businesses, as well as the upcoming projects for Ben’s Burgers as a whole,” Ben says.

The closure means the Valley store might be busier, and that the UberEATS delivery radius will decrease in size. It also means it’s your last chance to grab a serving of the popular fried chicken. “We’d love to be able to provide our fried chicken in the Valley,” Ben says. “But unfortunately our kitchen [there] is too small for us to do that.”

Ben says the closure of Ben’s Burgers West End will give the brothers time and energy to plan for some upcoming projects, including pop-up stalls and mobile services. The fried chicken might even make a return. “We are definitely not saying the fried chicken is over and dead, because we love it as much as the customers do,” Ben says. “[It’s] definitely our priority, if we can bring that back in some capacity.”

Ben’s Burgers West End will serve its last burgers this Sunday at lunch time.