Ben and Nick Chiu are taking their enormously popular burger joint Ben’s Burgers south of the river, rebranding their second West End eatery The Bleachers.

The reason? UberEATS. ”With what’s been going on in the Valley since the launch of UberEATS, it’s putting a big strain on the small kitchen there,” Ben says.

Since its October 11 launch, the delivery service has seen Ben’s Burgers turning over anywhere between 20 and 30 percent more than its normal in-store orders. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they stop free delivery,” Ben says. “But then, what’s five bucks? People are becoming more time poor and Uber makes it so much easier.”

Ben’s Burgers and The Bleachers were already two venues very much cut from the same cloth, with similar branding, design and menus, but the name change for the West End restaurant will allow the Chius to streamline their UberEATS operations, leveraging two kitchens to serve inner-city suburbs.

It’s also about branding, Ben says. Since The Bleachers opened last year, Ben’s Burgers has gone on to be regarded as one of the best burger joints in Brisbane. Throwing their weight behind that is just smart business. “One hundred percent,” he says. “There’s that real recognition there. Having the reach that Uber has — we’re going to be able to push out better and stronger with the Ben’s Burgers name.”

Otherwise, Ben’s Burgers West End will run as it always has. And, yes, they’re keeping the basketball hoop.