Popular Fortitude Valley bar Alfred & Constance has closed and gone into receivership.

The news follows a court loss for former owner Damian Griffiths over an action brought by his aunt and cousin. The decision meant Alfred & Constance fell into default with its bank. Receivers have now taken over the business.

The news of the closure first broke in the Courier Mail over the festive season.

The Brisbane Times later ran a story that reproduced parts of a supplied message written by a venue manager on A&C’s internal rostering app. The message told staff the venue had gone into receivership and would be closed “until further notice”.

“Damian has fought hard over the past years to keep the doors open but yesterday the final blow came when he lost a court action brought on by his own cousin and aunt,” the message read. “The result of that decision has meant we are now in default with our bank, they now forced us into a position where they will step in and take back the property and the business.”

The Brisbane Times had earlier reported on the developing court case, which hinged on the late payment by Griffiths of an instalment to his aunt and cousin for the purchase of their stake in Limes Hotel. Although the instalment was later repaid it triggered a clause requiring the remaining debt to be paid immediately.

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The good news is that Alfred & Constance will almost certainly reopen. “It is likely the bank’s receivers will want to resume trade and will seek to rehire a number of you, I will be passing [on] contact numbers,” the rostering app message said.

Broadsheet understands that while arrangements are yet to be finalised, receivers plan to re-open the venue as early as next week. Longterm plans for Kwan Brothers and Alf’s Place, the two on-site restaurants at Alfred & Constance, are unknown. Receivers will also take control of Limes Hotel.

Alfred & Constance’s website is currently down for maintenance and its Facebook page can’t be reached. The venue’s Instagram account has a post from December 21 saying it will be closed for the festive season.

Other businesses associated with Griffiths, including Doughnut Time, Chester Street Bakery, Les Bubbles and Mister Fitz, are unaffected by the closure.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the news outlet that originally broke the news of the Alfred & Constance closure. It was the Courier Mail, not the Brisbane Times.