Yes, you have to vote tomorrow. No, there won’t be any sausages. You read that correctly. Fuck.

Despite calls for council elections to be cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, Queensland’s chief health officer Doctor Jeanette Young earlier this week told Queenslanders to “absolutely go and vote, vote early this week, vote on Saturday, it’s perfectly safe.”

So the vote is happening. What isn’t happening, though, is the Pavlovian tradition of rewarding everyone a delicious sausage afterwards. Coronavirus: no mercy.

But what Covid-19 didn’t count on was Jamie Fleming. Tomorrow, the Alba Bar & Deli owner will be outside his Burnett Lane bar, running a drive-through, contactless democracy sausage sizzle. From 11am, Fleming and his staff will sling you a “traditional” no-fuss snag with onions. All you need do is drive up Burnett Lane and chuck a $2 coin out the window.

“It’s so you don’t miss out on the only good about having to vote,” Fleming says.

There will be other items available for takeaway, including mussels, anchovies, olives and guindilla peppers. And because Alba operates on a restaurant licence, it’s also peddling booze.

“So we can sell you a beer as well, if you’re having a shit day,” Fleming laughs.

Alba Bar & Deli
34 Burnett Lane, Brisbane