Your Saturday plans just changed.

Tomorrow, West End’s Swop Clothing Exchange is holding its increasingly popular “Fill a Bag for $20” sale.

Swop co-owners Brigid Gordon and Bethany Wicks will take over Zephyr Hall on Boundary Street, laying out a bunch of trestle tables and clearing out old stock for $20 a bag. “It’s simple,” Wicks says. “We give you a bag. You fill the bag. Then you give us 20 bucks.”

On offer will be older or slightly damaged stock the store no longer has room on the racks for. “It’s all good stuff that might need a hem or a zip or something,” Gordon says.

“Someone might be able to alter or change something,” Wicks adds. “Just up-cycle it. But most things are in okay condition … I know we’ve put out a Dior jacket before that would just take five minutes of your time to mend.”

As you enter, Swop will hand over the biggest bag the store offers, enough to easily fit 10 items, Gordon reckons. “We tend to sell out of stuff in under two hours,” Wicks says. “And be prepared to try on a lot of clothes. There are no change rooms or anything. It’s just, ‘Go for it’.”

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The sale starts at 10am and is cash only. “Remember: be gentle to your fellow customer,” Gordon says. “No fights over clothes.”

The Swop Clothing Exchange “Fill a Bag for $20” sale is tomorrow April 2 at Zephyr Hall, 161 Boundary Street, West End.