The Ring Cycle at QPAC

Fri 1st December, 2023 – Thu 21st December, 2023
Cultural Precinct, Cnr Grey Melbourne Street, Brisbane
Price: $520–$2360
Considered one of the greatest achievements in opera and theatre, Wagner’s 15-hour tale will be reimagined by visionary Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng.

Wagner's Ring Cycle, also known as Der Ring des Nibelungen in German, is a monumental opera cycle composed by Richard Wagner in the 18th century. It consists of four interconnected music dramas – Das Rheingold (The Rhinegold), Die Walküre (The Valkyrie), Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods) – which collectively tells a complex and epic story based on Norse mythology and Germanic legends. Centering on a magical ring forged from Rhinegold, which grants its bearer immense power but also brings about a curse and a series of tragic events, the epic opera explores themes of power, love, greed, and the downfall of gods and heroes.

Now a new production of the Ring Cycle is coming to Brisbane in 2023, exclusive to the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Known for its ambitious scale, intricate themes and innovative use of orchestration, Wagner's Ring Cycle hinges on a huge cast of singers, large orchestra and significant stage resources. The complete cycle typically lasts around 15 hours, spread over several evenings.

Now Chinese director Chen Shi-Zheng and French conductor Philippe Auguin will bring a futuristic impression of Wagner’s tale. Employing huge, moving digital panels, wild costumes and large props to imagine an unknown future, Shi-Zheng’s global vision reimagines Ring Cycle as a parallel, multicultural universe. There is no hyperbole in saying: you really haven’t seen anything like this before.

The Ring Cycle is a special event, sold as a four-opera series. Tickets are available for complete four-opera cycles only. You can buy the four operas as a complete cycle, with the same seat for each opera. These performances have been rescheduled from 2022, so many seats have already been purchased – best availability can be found in Cycle 3.

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