Omu Pop-Up at Harajuku Gyoza

Tue 4th January, 2022 – Sun 23rd January, 2022
12:00pm – 7:30pm
Albert Lane 141 Queen Street Brisbane
A popular Sydney omurice – a sliced omelette delicately draped and sliced over a mound of rice, then slathered in rich sauce – by a chef from Fukuoka, Japan is here for just three weeks.

While Harajuku Gyoza is steadfastly dedicated to the Japanese dumpling, it’s also brought us some viral meals and popular dishes from around Asia, from the raindrop cake and watermelon jelly to the very jiggly souffle pancake.

Now another Japanese import has arrived, this time by way of Sydney. Mikiko Terasaki grew up in Fukuoka, with her mother cooking her omurice – a Japanese dish of omelette and rice that’s heavily influenced by the west. In December 2020 she launched Omu Sydney, a market stall dedicated to the dish. It draws queues from around the city.

The omelette is furiously agitated with chopsticks in the pan, delicately folded over itself, placed on a mound of rice then sliced straight down the centre, letting the edges cascade down to showcase the soft curds inside. The dish is topped with a rich beef demi-glace sauce, or a squirt of tomato sauce.

Now it’s coming to Brisbane. Terasaki is heading north and cooking her omurice at Harajuku Gyoza for three weeks, with service at both lunch and dinner.

And while Sydneysiders queue up for hours to get a taste, bookings are now open for the Brisbane pop-up. Just make a reservation at Harajuku Gyoza on Albert Lane and write “Omu” in your booking notes.

Tue to Thu, Sat & Sun 12pm–2pm and 4pm–7.30pm

More information and bookings here.