A Midnight Visit

Fri 27th August, 2021 – Sun 30th January, 2022
95 Robertson Street, Fortitude Valley
Price: From $68.59
An empty Fortitude Valley warehouse has been transformed into a 36-room, labyrinthine choose-your-own-adventure theatre show in the vein of New York’s acclaimed Sleep No More. No two experiences will be the same.

There’s a strange visitor in Brisbane. An empty Fortitude Valley warehouse has been transformed into A Midnight Visit, a 36-room, labyrinthine choose-your-own-adventure experience in the vein of critically acclaimed immersive theatre works such as New York’s Sleep No More.

Part theatre show, part haunted house, part art installation, it’s based on the life and works of 19th-century gothic writer Edgar Allan Poe, whose influence can be felt in everything from Stranger Things to the work of David Lynch. A Midnight Visit takes it all on board and scatters it across a maze of characters and plots.

The surreal, gothic playground – now Brisbane’s longest ever running staged theatre production – takes place inside one of Poe’s dreams, where the characters from his life and literature collide in sometimes funny, sexy, wistful and yes, scary moments.

There are more than 10 hours of performance crammed into the warehouse, from horror to burlesque to comedy to high camp, brought together by more than 100 creatives including actors, composers, builders and designers – but the audience experiences just 60-70 minutes of it in each viewing.

Repeat visitors are common, because no two experiences are ever the same. Friends can be separated during the show and come out with entirely different 90-minute experiences to share and discuss. The fully formed fantasy world allows audiences to explore freely, with themes of death, impermanence, madness, guilt, love and memory - you know, just the lighter things in life.

The Brisbane performance is the fourth iteration of A Midnight Visit, after seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. But this one promises to be quite different – each new version brings a host of local artists and collaborators, with different rooms, different characters and different stories.

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