Ekka Online 2020

Fri 7th August, 2020 – Sun 16th August, 2020
The show’s revival as a virtual event means a lot of things – most importantly, you can still get a pop-up strawberry sundae.

Bad news: Ekka 2020 is cancelled. Good news: you can still eat Ekka strawberry sundaes (also good news: you still get a puclic holiday).

In fact, the entire Ekka show has been thrown a lifeline via the almighty power of the World Wide Web. Ekka Online will launch on August 7 and run for 10 days, streaming live music, a 360-degree animal nursery, baking demonstrations, dog shows and all sorts of other classic Ekka activities. Ekka Online will also host the Ekka Marketplace, where punters can buy their favourite show bags alongside products from regular Ekka retailers and Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show winners.

Most importantly, though, you’ll still be able to eat strawberry sundaes in 2020, with pop-up stalls at Brisbane Showgrounds, King George Square and other sites across the city. This year, Ekka is using four tonnes of strawberries and 10 tonnes of fresh ice-cream to produce 60,000 sundaes, the proceeds of which will go towards The Common Good, a medical-research initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation.

The pop-ups will also peddle dagwood dogs, and the sundaes are being made available as DIY at-home kits from The Common Good’s website.