The Beer Run

Sun 28th March, 2021
Price: $55
Five kilometres, five breweries, five beers – hit the ground running.

Imagine a marathon but replace those tiny cups of water with schooners of beer. That’s The Beer Run, basically.

This five-kilometre pub crawl in joggers and sneaks has sold out in previous years. It stops at five different breweries, where you can take a break from the cardio and chill with a drink before hitting the road again.

The first pit stop is Newstead Brewing Co, followed by Milton Common. Next, dash over to Fritzenberger before sprinting to Brisbane Brewing Co, then cross the finish line at The Charming Squire (photo finish not necessary).

The event lasts between two to three hours, and running leaders will guide participants along each leg of the race.

Tickets are $55 and include a bib, a novelty bottle opener and a beer in each boozer.