After a successful first season in Sydney, Seadeck dropped anchor in the Brisbane River last weekend. Known as one of the harbour city’s favourite party boats, Seadeck’s managing partner Scott Robertson prefers a different term.

“I don’t really like the term, ‘party boat’,” says Robertson, who prefers to call Seadeck a "lifestyle vessel". “We’ve got a cool kitchen, three decks, three bars."

Whatever you want to call it, Seadeck has proven enormously popular in Sydney, selling out almost every week of its first season last summer. But the fact the 42-metre floating function space is in Australia at all is amazing enough.

After being built in Turkey, Seadeck ran into complications on its 10,000-nautical-mile trip to Australia. The boat was seized in Port Said and the 10-man crew was locked up in an Egyptian prison. Ten months later, the (now-damaged) boat was finally released, and two months after that, the crew set free. Stopping in Indonesia for repairs, Seadeck finally arrived in Sydney mid-2016.

Seadeck will be based in Brisbane for 11 weeks before heading back to Sydney. Robertson hopes the northern sojourn will become an annual event. Tonight, Seadeck launches its first Friday-night "City Lights" cruise on the river (fingers crossed the weather eases a little before then). The cruise operates every Friday for the 11-week season, with afternoon trips on Saturdays and Sundays.

Seadeck tickets can be bought through,

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