It was one of the biggest songs of 1978, announcing the imminent arrival of an ’80s superstar. And it boasts one of the most curious music videos in pop history.

Now you can relive it. On July 16 The Most Wuthering Day Ever, comes to Bedford Park in Spring Hill. Brisbane fans get their chance to slip on a billowy red dress, put a flower in their hair and dance en masse to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights.

“It’s still taking shape but that’s the date and that’s the location,” says organiser Kristian Fletcher. “But it should be quite a spectacle. There have been so many people [signing up] already that we should be able to crack the 300 mark.”

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Mass wutherings first originated in 2013 in Brighton, when a theatre group called Shambush gathered close to 300 Kate Bushes in a field. Inspired by this, Berliner Georgie Sworder organised an event of her own in a German airfield and called it The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever. Similar Kate Bush gatherings are these days scheduled on the same date around the world, including in Tel Aviv, Lisbon, Montreal, Oslo, Melbourne and now Brisbane.

All Wuthering Heights Days aside, Fletcher has runs on the board. Well known for his themed parties, he’s been organising Kate Bush events as far back as 2003. He even rated a mention in the semi-fictional book Waiting For Kate Bush by music writer John Mendelssohn. “This fits right in with the stuff that I’ve done in the past,” Fletcher says. “I was one of the first to run tribute events based on her career.”

As such, the event packs a certain sense of professionalism. The gold-coin donation event begins at 2pm and includes a couple of practice runs for those not experienced with staying up and watching rage on a Saturday night.

But Fletcher has also organised an after party — a Kate Bush tribute night at The New Globe Theatre. “Bedford Park is close to the Globe,” he says. “That’s maybe the event I’m most excited about. It’s capped at 170 so will almost certainly sell out.”

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever will take place in Brisbane on July 16 at 2pm at Bedford Park. Follow the event’s Facebook page for further updates.