If you've ever wanted to eat a meal in the Great Hall from Harry Potter, the Brisbane Wizard’s Dinner is probably the closest you'll get.

The event was initially announced last month with a pre-release sign-up … and not much else. Now, it’s nailed down a location, which is a doozy. On January 18 and 19, The Wizard’s Dinner will move into St John’s Cathedral on Ann Street in the CBD.

Unlike recent editions in Sydney and Melbourne there will be no brunch, just two dinner sittings held over consecutive nights. But like the brunches, both meals will come with spell lessons, potion classes, entertainment, plenty of food and hundreds of wizards and witches.

While The Wizard’s Brunch is careful to note on its website this isn’t an official Harry Potter event, expect candle-lit tables, goblets of wine and plenty of punters who look suspiciously like Hermione and Dumbledore.

Sadly owls won’t be delivering the invites, but you can now secure tickets here.

If it’s anything like the Melbourne and Sydney events, this will sell out quickly, so hop to it if you don’t want to miss out.