Fake news. Foreign reportage. Queensland true crime. The “Trump effect”.

These are the kinds of topics the Walkley Foundation’s Storyology will tackle when it comes to Brisbane for the first time on August 24. Described as a “festival of journalism”, the three-day event will be held at The Powerhouse and host a distinctive range of local and international journalists – including a slew of Walkley Award winners – for a weekend of panels, discussions and showcases.

“What motivates us is creating the space where people can come together and have discussions [about] the cutting-edge issues [surrounding] journalism, the ways in which we work as journalists and the ways in which we consume news,” says Walkley Foundation CEO Jacqui Park of the festival.

The Thursday opening night will launch Storyology’s newest concept – a live magazine. Dubbed Storyology After Dark, the 70-minute showcase will feature “10 journalists telling their best true stories live on stage together with music, some audio visuals and in front of what we expect will be a really brilliant audience,” Park says. “There is nothing like this in Australia at the moment.”

Friday is designed with journalists in mind and will cover media issues ranging from ideas regarding sustainability, right through to the kinds of tools and skills needed to tell stories in 2017.

Saturday switches gear with a collection of hour-long panel discussions and talks “around journalism issues, but ones that are of real interest to the public,” Park says. Each is ticketed individually, so attendees can pick and choose what they see without having to commit to the whole day. “We wanted this public program to be really meaningful to Queensland and in particular Brisbane audiences,” Park says.

“Journalism is a conversation now and I don't think we can think about the kind of journalism we want without having these kinds of discussions with the public,” she continues. “At the end of the day, what we do is not for the purpose of journalism itself; its goal is a kind of a public outcome, to nurture our democracy or provide the information people need to live a good life.”

Storyology runs at The Powerhouse from August 24 to 26. The full program of events is here.

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