Victory. The Triffid, the popular Fortitude Valley live-music venue owned by former Powerfinger bassist John Collins, will soon be added to the Valley Special Entertainment Precinct, reports the Brisbane Times.

The precinct was created in 2006 and allows venues in it – such as The Zoo, Black Bear Lodge and The Brightside – to operate at higher noise levels than elsewhere in Brisbane. New apartment buildings in the precinct must also include additional noise insulation. The boundary is unique to Brisbane and allows festivals such as BIGSOUND to keep happening.

Now, Brisbane City Council wants to invite The Triffid to the party.

"It's a bit of protection. We've put a large investment in at The Triffid in terms of capital and love and I'd like it to be here in 20 years," Collins told the site.

Residents will still be able to make noise complaints, but the decision means The Triffid’s case will be stronger going forward. Anyone who moves to the area will be fully aware of what they’re in for.

"To me, if you move next door to a runway, you don't get to complain about aircraft noise,” Collins said. "Why should that happen when you move next to an entertainment venue?

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The Triffid opened in 2014 in a World War Two-era aircraft hanger. Since then it’s been an indispensable part of Brisbane’s live-music scene. Here’s hoping it has many years ahead of it.