At just 23 Thomas Weatherall is one to watch. He has starred as one of Heartbreak High’s sexy and sex-obsessed teens, and written and appeared in one-man play Blue. He’s also in upcoming flicks Youthlessness and Exposure.

The Brisbane-born Kamilaroi man shares his favourite things about his hometown, from hidden gems to sure-fire hangover cures.

What do you love about Brisbane?
Brisbane – and I mean this lovingly – is like a glorified small town. There are all the facilities and culture of a big city, but it somehow maintains the essence and community of a small town. Very rare to find that anywhere else.

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Where’s your favourite spot for either a late-night or a next-day hangover cure?
The hangover cure during my uni days was always at Gasworks Plaza in Newstead. Steak and egg roll with a coffee from Yolk, then a green protein smoothie from Quench to try and get through the day.

What’s a local spot you think is underrated?
I don’t know how underrated they are, and credit I haven’t been a regular for a while, but The Junk Bar in Ashgrove, and Scout Cafe in Petrie Terrace are hard to beat.

Is there an essential Brisbane song or film that really encapsulates the city?
Maybe not a singular song, but growing up around the area I was always listening to Violent Soho and Ball Park Music, two great Brissie exports. Now whenever I listen to them it reminds me of home.

What’s something you miss about Brissie when you’ve been away?
The pace! Sydney’s home for now, and it’s integral for work, but I do miss the pace of Brisbane. Also, the trees. Sydney has trees, admittedly, but they’re not as nice as Brisbane’s.