Pokemon’s hero Ash Ketchum was only 10 years old when he started his pocket-monster catching journey with trusty mate Pikachu. That would make the little guy 33 by now if Pokemon Universe time is the same as Earth’s. And that means he’s old enough to drink at the Pokemon Pop-Up Bar that’s coming to Brisbane.

Inside the bar you’ll be able to play an IRL version of the popular Nintendo game and television series. Each $35 ticket will give you two hours to explore the bar’s seven “regions”, where you can try Pokemon-themed burgers and cocktails; compete in games; and hunt, catch and battle Pokemon. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each region as well as for the best costume. DJs will provide the soundtrack to your journey through Kanto and beyond.

The organisers are responsible for other pop culture themed events, such as the Wizard’s Run. Their announcements are big on concept but light on key details like date and location, so you’ll need to sign up here for more information.