The team behind Lego-inspired pop-up The Brick Bar is bringing a real-life Pac-Man-themed escape maze to Australia. Announced for Melbourne yesterday, the event has now been confirmed for Sydney and Brisbane also.

Pac-Man is an iconic arcade game released in Japan in 1980, where players navigate through a maze to collect dots – and the elusive cherry.

While the event website makes it clear there is no official association with the Pac-Man brand, the real-life, one-day event will see players working their way out of a nostalgic, very Pac-Man-esque escape room. You’ll get just one “life” and will need to avoid ghosts to collect prizes. Gamers can play solo or join in teams of up to 10.

The immersive experience is limited to 500 people and pre-sale tickets are available now, though the venue, dates and cost of the event are still under wraps.

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