If your Instagram feed is in need of some colour, you’ll love Sugar Republic.

The candy-themed “Insta-museum” is made up of 12 sensory rooms celebrating sweet things. From a giant gumball machine to walls lined with lollipops, Sugar Republic is one chocolate river away from Willy Wonka’s factory.

The pop-up museum, which opens to the public in Brisbane this Sunday, provides ticketed one-hour slots, during which punters can laugh, play and get caught up in the nostalgia of lollies. And of course, photos are encouraged.

“With the rise of Instagram, people are looking for unique, interesting, colourful, fabulous Instagram opportunities,” says Sugar Republic marketing and business development manager Kathee Gunn.

But it’s not all just an Instagram trap. Sugar Republic wants to create a space where art is interactive and inclusive.

“It’s all about being part of the exhibition rather than just looking at the exhibition,” Gunn says.

Interactive elements include swimming around a ball pit made up of 100,000 pastel-coloured balls; jumping out of a giant cake under a shower of confetti; and spinning the Wheel O’ Treats, which delivers lamingtons, biscuits or lollies depending on where it lands.

Many of the rooms are sponsored by big brands including the Halo Top Ice Cream room and the Sunny Life inflatable room, which is filled with beach balls. Sugar Republic has also teamed up with local artists to create the space.

“We’ve worked with some Australian artists on some of the displays and also some visual merchandisers,” Gunn says. “We … like to always incorporate local flavour and Australian designers and Australian brands.”

Creative collaborators include Caroline Khoo, Sara Borg, Dawn Tan, Merrin Dorothy and Kate Pullen.

On top of the eye candy there will be select tasting opportunities, which may include ice-cream, fairy floss and lollies.

Sugar Republic opened in Melbourne earlier this year and sold out over its eight-week run. The pop-up is expected to be just as popular in Brisbane. Sessions are open to all ages, though there will be adult-only time slots in the evenings for those who want to be the biggest kid in the room.

Sugar Republic is scheduled to run from this Sunday September 23 until Monday October 22. All tickets must be booked online in advance.

Sugar Republic
Valley Metro Centre, 230 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley


Mon to Wed 10am–4pm
Thu to Sat 10am–8pm
Sun 10am–5pm