Whether you’re a fan or not, Adele’s upcoming visit to Brisbane will affect you. So says Brisbane’s Deputy Mayor and transport committee chairman, Adrian Schrinner.

Talking to the Courier Mail, Schrinner warns that the English singer’s back-to-back concerts at the Gabba on March 4 and 5 will stretch the city’s public transport network to its limits. “We’re talking about the necessity of leaving between two or [sic] three hours early to get to this event,” he says.

Each concert is expected to attract 60,000 attendees. But that’s not the worst part. In the same story, Mayor Graham Quirk outlined the knock-on effect on Monday March 6. By law, bus and train drivers must take a 10-hour break between shifts, meaning a definite lack of services at the start of the week.

“It’s not just the 60,000 from the stadium, it is the Sunday night backing up with the Monday morning peak that is also a terrific concern,” he said. “It won’t only affect Brisbane buses, it’s trains, it’s going to affect private bus operators.

“It will require a significant number of our drivers on the job. This is an entirely voluntary event when it comes to our drivers working. We can’t force them to work on this … so we’ve put out the word far and wide to get our drivers to volunteer for this event. They will get paid, obviously, but they can choose not to work on the weekends if they don’t want to.”

Our advice? If you’re working in the city on March 6, drive, ride your bike or hell, chuck a sickie.

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Brisbane City Council is working with TransLink to deliver extra services before and after both the March 4 and March 5 concerts.

Pre-show shuttle bus times
Roma Street Station to the Gabba: every two minutes
Chermside to the Gabba: every three minutes
Eight Mile Plains to the Gabba: every two-and-half minutes
Carindale to the Gabba: every four minutes

Post-show shuttle bus times
To Roma Street Station: every 30 seconds
To Chermside: every 60 seconds
To Eight Mile Plains: every 80 seconds
To Carindale: every 90 seconds