Ice-cream. Puppies. Giant IRL emojis. Your dinner. And now, jet planes. Is there an end to what Uber will deliver? Not that Uber is delivering a jet plane this Saturday. Rather, it’s delivering you to a jet plane. A private jet plane. And you can take a friend.

The ride-sharing company will select three Uber users in Brisbane (plus a mate each) to be whisked to the airport on Saturday morning and flown to a secret destination for an “afternoon in paradise”. There are no further details about location. All Uber is saying – in a blog post – is that it’s an island and that you need to pack sunglasses, swimmers and sunscreen. Got it?

To have a chance at nabbing the trip you need to enter the promotional code “JETBNE”. This will unlock the uberJET option on your smartphone. Then, this Saturday October 29, open the app between 9am and 10am and request the “uberJET” option.

If successful you and a friend will receive transfers to the airport to board a private jet supplied by AVMIN Charter, which will then fly to the unnamed island paradise. Uber will cover the catering.

The caveats? There’s a couple.

There are only six spots available on the private jet, so you’ll need to keep requesting between 9am and 10am to maximise your chances of nabbing a place. Also, your buddy will need to be in the same spot as you when your Uber driver arrives for the airport run – no extra pick-ups. And of course, you both need to be 18 or over.

You have your instructions.