Transport chaos has descended upon Brisbane as four major storm cells roll through the region.

The Courier Mail reports that all train services north of Bowen Hills have been delayed an hour in both directions due to weather-related faults, with bus services expecting delays of 45 minutes. Planes are currently stranded on the tarmac at Brisbane Airport as ground crews seek shelter.

In the same Courier report, Bureau of Meteorology spokesman David Crock warned of potentially life-threatening rainfall in the Moreton Bay region.

“There’s been a recorded 85mm of rain in the last hour northwest of Samford near Dayboro,” Crock told the Courier.

“This amount of rainfall meets our criteria as being extremely dangerous.”

Flash flooding is a possibility in low-lying areas this evening and across the weekend as storms continue.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should move their car under cover and away from trees, secure loose outdoor items and to never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. Seek shelter, avoid using landline telephones and beware of fallen powerlines. For emergency assistance, contact the SES on 132 500.