Brisbane’s Goodwill Bridge was given a slick new look last month, but a blue strip painted along the middle of the bridge is causing more trouble than expected.

The strip is designed to separate cyclists and pedestrians and was part of an upgrade that included a higher speed limit for riders on the bridge. But following the major rains of the past few days, cyclists are reporting a major loss of traction.

A video shared by Space 4 Cycling shows one bike rider struggling to keep his pushbike steady on the blue strip.

Space 4 Cycling Brisbane’s Belinda Ward said there had not been any injuries linked to the new surface, but that some near misses had occurred. “The issue happens when you’re breaking or you need to change direction,” she told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“That’s quite scary and can happen at quite low speed.”

Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni said he had been advised the new surface had been tested and had met the Australian standard, but was frank in an assessment published to social media. “I don’t care if it meets some standard in a book somewhere,” he said in a Facebook post. “It’s clear to me that the end result is not up to scratch and needs to be fixed.

“I have asked my Department to rectify this issue as quickly as possible.”

Bicycle Queensland will consult with the state government to find a solution to the slippery surface.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted possible showers this afternoon.