A pod of dolphins is swimming up and down the Brisbane River, the Brisbane Times reports.

The dolphins were first spotted on Saturday at different spots along the river, including the CBD, South Bank, New Farm and Bulimba.

Griffith University Smart Water Research Centre researcher Olaf Meynecke told the Times that while it was a rare occurrence, the dolphins were most likely in the river looking for bait fish, including brim and whiting, as well as simply exploring.

“If you see three it’s probably going to be five or eight of them in the water because they don’t come up at the same time,” he told the paper.

Before you ask, no there’s no danger to the dolphins – in the short term, at least – from the river’s brown water. Debris could be an issue, though.

“In the Brisbane River they won’t have any vision at all, they will do everything by echolocation ... there is the risk of line and stuff that hangs around that they simply can’t see and just wraps around them,” Meynecke told the Times.

Meynecke said that the dolphins won’t be hanging around for long so if you want a picture, don’t mess around.