Brisbane is about to get a big boost in its number of electric scooters. On Tuesday Brisbane City Council awarded a tender to Singaporean company Neuron Mobility to roll out 600 new scooters, the Brisbane Times reports.

Lime was also awarded a tender, but the company will have its numbers slashed from approximately 750 to 400 scooters. It leaves the city, serviced by two companies operating on 12-month permits, a total of 1000 scooters.

Neuron’s equipment will be “generation two” scooters that are larger, safer, more mobile and feature a lower centre of gravity. The ABC reports Neuron's scooters will also feature “geo-fencing” tech that stops them from being operated in areas with lots of pedestrians, such as South Bank, where the scooters are only permitted on certain pathways.

Lime currently has no geo-fencing capability but is expected to upgrade its entire fleet of scooters in the coming months. Lime spokesman Nelson Savanh told the ABC the new “Gen 3.0 scooter” will have sensors and features that will allow it to detect when it’s being improperly used.

Nine companies submitted tenders for the council permits. “We looked at all of the nine applicants,” deputy mayor Krista Adams told the Times. “Neuron Mobility have a very strong tender package for us, we're very happy with the outcome for Neuron.

“But we're also committed to having a competitive tension in the market as well.”

The news follows a months-long trial of Lime scooters in Brisbane. Lime will begin scaling back its scooter fleet to hit its allowed number of 400 by 22 July. At the same time Neuron will begin rolling out 200 scooters before expanding to the full 600 by early August.