Greater Brisbane’s current Covid-19 restrictions will ease at 1am tomorrow, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk confirmed in a press conference this morning.

From Friday January 22, masks will no longer be mandatory indoors, though people are encouraged to wear them in crowded places where social distancing is difficult. Masks are still mandatory in airports and on planes.

Indoor venues will revert to the one-person-per-two-square-metre density rule; patrons will be able to stand when eating and drinking; and dancing will be allowed again.

Gatherings will be capped at 50 people in homes and 100 people in public spaces. Up to 200 people will be able to attend a wedding or funeral, 500 people will be allowed at indoor events, and 1500 people will be allowed at outdoor events with a Covid-safe plan. Outdoor stadiums, theatres and cinemas will revert to 100 per cent seated capacity.

More to come.