Brisbane and Gold Coast motorists using the M1 motorway will need to drop their speeds by 10 kilometres from today or face fines.

The new rule applies all the way down to the Gold Coast, 110 kilometre per hour zones being lowered to 100, and 100 kilometre per hour zones reset at 90 kilometres per hour.

Queensland transport minister Mark Daily told reporters yesterday that there would be no grace period for those caught speeding.

"It will be enforced and we are unapologetic for it," the Brisbane Times quotes Bailey as telling reporters yesterday. “We've been advertising, we've been putting this message out for the last four weeks."

The reduced speeds are a temporary measure to improve safety and congestion during the upcoming Commonwealth Games. You can expect an increased number of speed cameras along the highway as well as marked and unmarked police cars.

Motorway speeds will be returned to their normal limits on April 17.

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