If you’ve just looked out your window and realised you can’t actually see out your window, or a colleague’s walked into the office looking like they’ve taken a swim fully clothed, get your brolly ready: the rain’s not going to stop.

Residents across Brisbane and the wider south-east have been asked not to enter or drive through flooded roads as up to 150 millimetres of rain is predicted in the region. Fifty millimetres has already fallen in Brisbane in the past 24 hours. The city’s February average is 130 millimetres.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rick Threlfall was quoted in the Brisbane Times as saying the wet weather system that moved into the region on Thursday would unleash most of its rainfall on Friday.

"We're looking at frequent showers tending to rain with some heavy bursts of rain in there, with rainfall totals for the day of 100 millimetres, even getting up to 150 millimetres in places," he said. "Particularly the Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast hinterland, through the Brisbane region, all the way down to the Gold Coast."

The Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Craig Crawford released a statement saying anyone who encounters flooded roads should stop, think and turn around.

"Any flooded road can be deadly. People have died trying to cross flooded waterways," he said. "The size of your vehicle doesn't matter, nor whether you've driven the road a hundred times before – if it's flooded, forget it."

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Rain is forecast to ease on Saturday with persistent showers on Sunday.