Brisbane is one of the world’s best cities for families, a new study says.

Brisbane came 18th in the world in the research conducted by Homeday, an online real estate broker based in Germany. Homeday ranked 100 cities on factors such as amenities, education, pollution, safety and affordability. Copenhagen in Denmark topped the poll, with Manilla in the Philippines coming in at 100.

Elsewhere in Australia, Sydney ranked 13th and Melbourne 15th.

Brisbane’s best result? In cost of living, where it came sixth. It also ranked highly on green space, taking out the number 10 spot (although it was beaten by Sydney here, which landed in ninth spot). Other areas where it scored plenty of points were safety, employment rates and the perceptions of both local parents and experts.

Where it didn’t do so well? Like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane scored poorly for paid parental leave. And we have a pretty un-kid-friendly airport, apparently. Who knew?

Brisbane and Sydney both lagged behind Melbourne when it came to education. On the other hand, the Queensland capital had a clear advantage over Melbourne and Sydney in housing affordability and cost of living.

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