Any young Australian fresh from their gap year – complete with stories about how they “can’t even remember Split” and sporting a newly affected thousand-mile stare that only hardened and worldly travellers possess – will gladly remind you how culturally oppressive our nanny-state government is.

Grating though these young ideologues can be, they have a point.

As one poor soul discovered back in April, the seemingly innocent act of transporting a fridge via Brisbane rail will earn you a $252 fine for "bringing an oversized item onto a train." Sadly, the gentleman – who clearly didn’t think there was anything oversized about his luggage – couldn’t even get it onto the train. He copped the fine just for trying to move his fridge via rail. All this in the land of the fair go.

Speaking to the ABC, Queensland Rail’s Justine Scarff said, "I hope he decided to book a removalist as we would encourage people to do, or call up one of his mates with a ute."

But some of us aren’t in a financial position to pay a removalist, and not everyone has easy access to a utility vehicle. So it’s a sad state of affairs when the taxes we pay don’t afford us the full efficacy of our public transport system.

In light of the fact that in New Orleans you can shut down an entire boulevard, complete with police escort and a literal marching band, just to wander from pub to pub with a little extra glamour, it’s fair to say TransLink needs to have a long, hard look at its baggage policies.

Doesn't the government want us to use public transport?