Late last year The Australian sent young avo-loving Aussies into a frenzy. The reason? Social commentator Bernard Salt suggested millennials eating $22 avocado on toast should be putting that money towards a house deposit.

Well now you can have 52 days' worth of avocado on toast, absolutely free. The only catch? You have to buy a house. Property developer Neil Sherington of LME Capital is selling six townhouses in Sherwood, which are open for inspection this weekend. Each comes with a year’s supply of smashed avo on toast from a local cafe of your choice. (We’d suggest Gas Espresso).

Ray White agent Cameron Crouch told Broadsheet that he and Sherington want to “capture the imagination of the younger generation” and allow them the opportunity to “have their cake and eat it too.” Or in this case, avocado.

“Once purchased, the owner can pick a cafe in the area and we will go down there and pay for their smashed avocado on toast upfront for one year,” he says. “The traditional method of selling homes is dying, so we have to try something new.”

He hopes the huge response to the tongue-in-cheek marketing will inspire other agents to “think outside the box and lead to different ideas, which should give more first home buyers an opportunity to afford a deposit and get their foot in the door of the property market."

From $595,000, the two- or three-bedroom townhouses offer “quality craftsmanship” and “chic design elements." With median property prices for two- to three- bedroom units in Brisbane ranging from $528,000 to $993,750 you could say this is a smashing deal. Then again, who has 60 grand for a deposit lying around?

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You’ll get a bit of help if you buy before June 30 and secure the government’s $20,000 First Home Owners Grant – the equivalent of 1000 serves of smashed avo.