Ever wanted to go to a wine event but find the whole idea too stuffy? Turns out, there’s a night for that. And it kicks off at Valley bar Barbara tomorrow.

Barbara co-owner Jaxon King says the event was partly inspired by his and his friends’ own changing drinking habits as they hit their late-20s. Specifically, though, he wanted to start addressing what he saw as a weakness in Barbara’s wine list.

“People have asked, ‘What’s going on with your wine?’” he says. “And it’s a chicken or egg situation: do we not push wine enough or are we not a wine place?

“This is the response,” he continues. “We approached [local distributors] Cork & Co and Naked Bunch. They said, ‘This is a great idea’ … We don’t want to pigeonhole it into ‘natural wine’ or ‘minimal intervention’, but it’s going to be more to do with the newer style wines that these guys are pushing and younger people tend to gravitate towards.

“There are a few wine events scattered throughout the year – say, Game of Rhones – but nothing regular.”

Each month, the weekly event will be given over to a different supplier or producer. Tomorrow night, August kicks off with Chris Fullerton, director of local distributor Cork & Co, presenting new vintages from South Australia’s enormously popular Unico Zelo winery, including a fiano, a dolcetto and an esoterico.

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Entry is free and attendees can purchase three 100ml glasses for $20. Brand new CBD fromagerie The Cheese Pleaser will also be in attendance, selling either single cheeses or plates for groups of people.

“The whole idea is to have a weekly night where you can get some wine and cheese,” King says. “If you’re going to dinner, drop in beforehand. Or come in after. And it will evolve. We’ll flesh it out as it grows.”

Wine Club Wednesdays kicks off tomorrow night at 6pm.